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Renewable Energy Pledge Aims to Streamline Corporate Access to Clean Energy Projects

Most companies want access to renewable energy on a large scale because it allows them to diversify energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to demonstrate leadership in corporate sustainability. And, because the cost of clean energy is declining, more companies can afford clean energy than ever before.

To promote corporate access to affordable renewables, World Resource Institute and the World Wildlife Fund created the “Corporate Renewable Energy Principles” pledge. The pledge consists of six principles that help corporations navigate the process of becoming more energy efficient.

The following principles aim to improve the marketplace for renewable energy:

  1. Greater choice in energy procurement options
  2. Cost competitiveness between traditional and renewable energy rates
  3. Access to long-term, fixed-price renewable energy
  4. Have access to, or drive forward, new projects that reduce energy emissions
  5. Increased access to third-party financing vehicles, as well as a streamlined process to finance projects
  6. Opportunities to work with utilities and regulators to expand choices for buying renewable energy.

At its core, the principles’ goals are to make clean energy projects affordable, accessible, and navigable.

Currently, 60% of US companies have public climate and energy goals to increase their use of renewable energy. The companies that signed the “Corporate Renewable Energy Principles” – including Bloomberg, Target, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Starbucks – hope that these principles will further streamline the process to take advantage of renewable energy sources to support their business and sustainability plans.

EnterSolar is already developing projects with a few of the aforementioned companies, including Bloomberg L.P. and Target. Both projects enabled these companies to further develop sustainable practices, while ensuring a high return on investment. In fact, the Bloomberg L.P. project is a landmark solar project for New York, as it is the first Remote Net Metering project for a Manhattan skyscraper. These projects illustrate how EnterSolar can tailor solutions to maximize savings by going solar.

EnterSolar’s values enable corporations to access renewable energy. Find out how EnterSolar’s rigorous analysis and expertise in managing and understanding the pertinent financial policies can help you leverage the “Corporate Renewable Energy Principles” pledge. For more information, contact 1-888-225-0270.

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