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Solar Policy

NJ’s New Solar Incentive Program Is Set to Open April 30, 2020

The TREC Program Will Open on April 30, 2020 as the SREC Program Closes

New Jersey is offering a new and lucrative “Transition” incentive program that is expected to fill up quickly. The Transition Renewable Energy Credit (TREC) Program provides solar systems 15-years of fixed revenue for generating solar energy on-site. When combined with rising utility rates, attractive Net Metering policy, and Federal Tax Incentives, going solar in New Jersey has never been more rewarding for businesses. 

In uncertain times, solar energy offers a prudent investment for companies looking to mitigate risk. By controlling energy costs through generating clean energy onsite, companies can benefit from 25+ years of reliable, fuel-free electricity to help power their operations.

EnterSolar has partnered with many New Jersey companies over the years to provide customized solar solutions, and we have built lasting relationships with utilities, townships, and our clients. Check out our work by watching our NJ Solar Highlight video:

If you’re considering solar, contact us today!

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