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Fordham Students Initiate a Solar Project at Their Residence Hall


Driven by student demand, Fordham University added solar to Campbell Hall. Over the past year, several students and alumni raised money on GoFundMe to add a solar system at the residence hall. The University recognized this effort and while working with EnterSolar to add solar at its Rose Hill parking garage, asked if we could include the residence hall in our scope of work. We were very excited to see the enthusiasm of the students and agreed to help with the project. 



EnterSolar designed an 8kW rooftop solar system for Campell Hall and secured the equipment from trusted solar partners. This roof-mounted project provided a unique opportunity for our office team to gain first-hand experience with installing the project themselves. Every team member who helped with the installation was OSHA 10 certified to ensure that each person abided by safety rules and best practices for construction. 



This is the third project EnterSolar has delivered to Fordham University. Our first project was developing an offsite solar system, whereby Fordham entered into a long-term agreement that allows the solar energy generated to be accredited to the University campus and Fordham Preparatory School’s campus. After the successful “offsite” project, EnterSolar installed a 963kW solar array at its on-campus parking garage at Rose Hill.

By taking these notable steps towards a more sustainable campus, Fordham is now the largest consumer of the locally-installed solar capacity of any New York City college.

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