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Delaware Announces 2013 SREC Incentive Program

Following on the heels of last year’s well-subscribed 2012 Pilot SREC Program, Delaware has announced the parameters for the 2013 SREC solicitation which is scheduled to begin on March 25th. Once again, Delaware businesses will be able to lock-in attractive long-term financial incentives that can significantly enhance the economic returns associated with “going solar”. Businesses can opt to purchase and own solar systems directly, or can simply decide to purchase the solar electricity at a discount to current electricity rates (with no capital outlay).

The 2013 Program is similar in many respects to the 2012 offering, although it has several key differences. Firstly, all system size categories will now be competitively bid. Also, the competitively-bid price is now actionable for only 7 years (as compared with 10 years previously), with an administratively fixed price of $50 per SREC for years 8 through 20. New systems and existing systems will now be treated in separate categories, with specific SREC capacity earmarked for both.

EnterSolar was heavily involved in the 2012 program (EnterSolar Delaware Project Case Study), and expects to be similarly active in the 2013 Program. To learn more about how your business can benefit from the Delaware SREC Program, or to receive a copy of EnterSolar’s comprehensive review of the 2012 Delaware SREC Solicitation, please contact us.

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